Welcome to DPT (DiFilippo Performance Trailers).

We have been building race car transporters for some time now. It always seem to work out that each time we build a new one for ourselves to use it sells before we get to use it. Building race car transporters has now become a major part of our day to day business.

We do forty to forty eight foot long trailers, B-Doubles and the most popular (due to the rego price) is the box truck. They all come with tailgate loaders and flat panel sides. We use hydraulic rams with a 2 chain set up for the tailgate loaders.

After days and days of research we found this to be the safest way by far, even if it is a little harder to open and close (safety comes first). Another great feature of this set up is that it takes up very little room and keeps the back of the trailer open for wide cars. With most trailers that we build we go through and complete a full suspension system, fit tyres, install air bags and more.

We also build a Box Truck. Our Box Trucks are fitted out with a number of modifications such as lights, exhaust modifications, fuel tank relocation and much more.

DPT is a One-Stop-Shop for performance trailers!
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The DPT Box Truck

The DPT Trailer